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Healthy Corner Store Initiative Launches in Providence

One of the most pressing issues in food policy is the inaccessibility of fresh food for low-income families and individuals. Well, the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island has set out to improve food access in two neighborhoods in Providence.

After months of preparation, including surveying the locals and working with local students to build a successful plan, the EJL carried out its first Corner Store Makeover on Tuesday, August 10th. The makeover was a success, and now New Battambang market greets its patrons with veggies instead of unhealthy snacks.

Check out a great news clip featuring volunteers at the makeover on NBC:

Market Makeover

Update! Check out this piece I wrote for Serious Eats about the corner store make overs. Also, see some more lovely pictures from the event over at this gallery. Thanks for being awesome, EJL!


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